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An ode to the person who got me through this time and the profound affect she's had on my life. Realizing that when she's near, I am the person I want to be and already have the life I seek.


Sometimes when life gets me down
Down I will stay
When friends and enemies alike
Cause equal parts misery

There's so much uncertainty all around
It wears me out through and through
I feel so close but still so far away
Oh, I'm not sure what to do...

But when I see her it all goes away
And when I touch her I'm home to stay

Am I where I am supposed to be?
Or am I lost and wandering?
The next step obscured in a haze
Oh, it really could be anything

But with every single day that comes to pass
A simple truth occurs to me
Two steps forward and then the one step back
Is the progress that I seem to need

For if I had it all oh, what would be the point?
'Cause I know I already... have all I need

Because you know with her you have all that you deserve
And with each day that comes you're reassured
Because she guides the way without saying a word...
She needs no words

You are the man you want to be
And can have the life that you seek
But the only thing that keeps you from seeing
Are the same old fears that have ruled your life and still cause you all this strife

You are the man you want to be
So when will you finally see?
That the only thing keeping you from being
At peace with yourself and free of the past are things that matter to no one else but you

But you
But you


You are the man you want to be
And with her you see
That everything will be okay
And with her you're safe

Because when I see her it all goes away
And when I touch her...

I'm home


from The Rubicon, released May 28, 2015
Vocals and instrumentation by James Alexander.



all rights reserved


SkywardEye Toronto, Ontario

SkywardEye is a one man music project by multi-instrumentalist, James Alexander based near Toronto, Ontario.

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