Past Lives, Future Self

from by SkywardEye

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A look to the future; the distant future. The best is yet to come.


Look at all you've done
How far you've come
Do you see?
What you lost
And all it cost
To be
Where you stand
Finally a man?
Have you figured it out now?

Oh, how you miss the days
When your world was safe
Before it all
Got ripped away
But do you see
The forest for the trees?
Or are you stuck on the leaves?

Now when you look back
On the past
Do you see
What it was
Or what you need it to be?
Too many days
Finding ways to live
Inside a dream, always

But when you see the lie
All you do
Is try
To run and hide
And escape the tide
But when it hits
The world you built
Will fade
Like footprints in the sand

Our lives can change so fast
But when we dwell upon the past
Sometimes we lose sight of what we have

Maybe the good ol' days have gone
Maybe we're not as strong
But maybe the best is still yet to come...

So what will you do
When you return to the place
That causes you to feel
So much pain?

Your mind is on fire
And there's nowhere to turn
You've gotta let it all go
Maybe then will you learn...

That what once was can haunt us so
And those memories affect
The way we grow and view ourselves
An illusion we accept
The pain's passed on to our young
Our past becomes theirs
So the battle of one will rage on
And another lifetime will be spent
Overcoming it

We are all born the same
With a breath and a name
Our aim is forged on the collective passions that we acquire uniquely
The way we walk and converse
Lock down and traverse is juxtaposed between the last and first page
Show me the way
The heroes journey starts today
A little boy susceptible, to the sway; with an internal compass never quite conveyed
A story...
We all have one that's worth telling
On the road and in the rye
Our first kiss and when we cry
We all want to be the protagonist yet raise our fist at the first thing that makes us sigh
I've drifted through the lives of passerby's too afraid to try to be the guy i want to be
Dreamt to be
For my soul that I should be
But the old stories coming to an end, my friend
I've sat back as the pages were turned, and learned only what i was confident to
But today the bookmark hits the wind...

I'm ready to find a page to sink in

As you stare into the abyss
Your content in your solitude
But it pushes away those
Who you love and are closest to you
But you stick with what you know
And as your life passes you by
You see those around move on
While you cling to the anger inside

But look at where you stand
The envy of any man
Can't you see?

The beauty all around
And the love that you've found
Don't retreat

We've got it all wrong
Our time here isn't long
Before we leave
So ask yourself why
You're afraid to live your life

Maybe then you'd be
Truly free

Set me free


from The Rubicon, released May 28, 2015
Vocals by James Alexander and John Poff (spoken word).
Instrumentation by James Alexander and Tracy Tong (piano).



all rights reserved


SkywardEye Toronto, Ontario

SkywardEye is a one man music project by multi-instrumentalist, James Alexander based near Toronto, Ontario.

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